De greaser

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Re: De greaser

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The idea of "Trade Only" sources used to concern me so I would put on some overalls, or have a bogus business card or a purchase order book printed up with my name on it. Never failed. I even managed to blag a trade credit account at a major marine wholesaler. That was UK of course. I suspect they weren't prepared to turn away a customer ready to buy. In France with a very different view of commerce it may be different.
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Re: De greaser

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Re: De greaser

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When we left Spain we bought 2 boxes of 'Lagarta' real soap and no it's not the same as Marseille soap. It cuts through grease that the rubbish washing up liquid cannot touch. The only substance that it cannot remove is Turmeric, whenever I'm cooking with this spice I always wear an apron.
But for the virus we were going to visit Cataluyna last Spring to buy liquid Lagarta for washing up and flakes for washing whites but never coloured articles. Unless you have a skin problem, no need to wear gloves. I don't know if it's available in France, definitely worth checking out. When I clean the extractor fan this is what I use.

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Re: De greaser

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Nifty wrote:
Tue Feb 16, 2021 4:11 pm
De Skinhead ... ostpopular
My head certainly looks like that, but I did not have to shave it. :roll:

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