Asian hornets

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Re: Asian hornets

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Lapourtaider wrote:
Thu Sep 17, 2020 2:38 pm
Hornets generally return to their nest at dusk, and become less active, when dealing with them it's the preferred time.
I thought do too, but there they were. I might try an experiment, leave the outside lights on this evening a take a picture.

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Re: Asian hornets

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We have a very large fig tree in our garden with everything buzzy enjoying the fruit at the moment. Ending up in our birdbaths and plant trays too. After the fruit falls, we cant eat that much i've made chutney for the next year and in honey and butter, it is getting a severe cut back to the stump. So they can buzz off.
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Re: Asian hornets

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For the past week or so we've been visited by large 'ordinary' hornets. I don't think we've had any after dusk though. Certainly the Asian hornets returned to the nest for the night around dusk. The large 'ordinary' ones we have seem to be pretty docile unless something winds them up.

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Re: Asian hornets

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We have had three indoors recently just after dark. A right scramble I can tell you trying to get close enough to deal with them with a fly swatter. :shock:
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Re: Asian hornets

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Asian Hornets go to bed at night European Hornets love night lights

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