For any questions or suggestions about routes or flights etc.
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Re: Airports

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One issue with the "tractor to the runway" idea is that it would only work or produce a significant improvement in fuel burn/reduction in emissions at certain airports and in certain circumstances.

Most commercial jet engines usually have mandatory a warm up time, typically of the order of three to five minutes, during which it's prohibited to apply "take-off" power. That's to prevent the thermal shock the engine components would get if you just started the thing up and then a few seconds later pushed it up to a high power setting. There's also often a minimum allowable oil temperature limitation for the same reason and in very cold weather it can also take some time to heat that side of the system up....end result is even if being pulled by a tug you'd need the engines running well before you actually got to the runway.

There are some other issue with the idea - ATC would lose the option of changing the order of aircraft departing if most of them are hooked up to a tug with cold engines- but OTOH though I could see the tug idea working at the likes of JFK where > one hour taxiing out was the norm during evening rush hour and on a bad day it could be nearer two...

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Re: Airports

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Bringing up the subject of taxiing aircraft. It looks like someone was listening to this forum ... bad6021a2b
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Re: Airports

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Omg! I must be turning French.
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