British banks may stop services due to Brexit

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Re: British banks may stop services due to Brexit

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Following on from this, and from another thread re Barclays, I contacted my banks this morning.

Like others, my pensions are paid into Lloyds and then transferred via Currency Fair, as required.

Lloyds tell me that 13000 letters were sent out early September (he said by post) and he 'assumes' that if I haven't had a letter, then am not affected but that more info would be available by November.
I said this wasn't good enough. Banks plan forward and if they are going to close my account (since 1964), then I needed to know very soon as we can't travel and don't want to be stuck in December trying to find another bank (not easy to find a non-res bank in UK) and having to change pension deposits.

I am only repeating what the young man told me, and he had to refer to a colleague several times, so I suggest anyone with worries should contact the bank themselves direct. I intend to put my queries in writing as well as I feel some of the info given to me may not be the whole story and need to know the bank's position,rather than that reported in a newspaper - he mentioned articles in 'The Telegraph'!

He told me that the countries affected (at present) were Holland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Slovakia. He said France is not on the list at present, and he assumes it is countries which are not financially viable for the bank (... I queried Germany???) He mentioned Barclays and HSBC.

Not so clear with Natwest. They are going to contact me in 4 working days but said I could get updates on the site. Again, I said it wasn't good enough as if we need to empty the account and find another,then we needed to do it sooner rather than later. He also had to consult a colleague.

I queried why family in the southern hemisphere would be able to keep their accounts yet people in France are told they may close. He said he could only assume it was a particular agreement with the EU.

I have never been happy with Natwest but where to change to, if necessary?

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Re: British banks may stop services due to Brexit

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I am with Lloyds and have heard nothing. I am ex Group staff, but I doubt that will make any difference.
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Re: British banks may stop services due to Brexit

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Catrose wrote:
Sun Aug 30, 2020 1:22 pm
But did your votes get counted? The turnround for postal votes was so tight that I was afraid my ballot paper wouldn’t arrive in time, so I went back to UK to vote in person,
I have to say our papers arrived in Zurich with ample time to spare - OK that is Swiss Post not French Post - but surely even French Post isn't that bad?

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