Tipping 'rules' in restaurants

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Re: Tipping 'rules' in restaurants

Post by elsie »

This is a good explanation of the service charge (tip/pourboire) in restaurants, hotels, hairdressers, taxis, deliverers, and tourist guides https://pvtistes.net/forum/attachments/ ... rboire.pdf

Where the service charge is on a bill the law states that money, together with additional tips, must be distributed to the employees who are in contact with the customer.

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Re: Tipping 'rules' in restaurants

Post by Leclairon »

Thanks,Elsie. That's really interesting - I hadn't realised it was 15% included in restaurants and I have never been sure about taxis either, which is much less than I thought - I thought they expected a percentage of the fare.

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Re: Tipping 'rules' in restaurants

Post by mysty »

I do not even do the donation option in McDonalds to help the children's homes. ;)
Is that mean or what.
It's rare than we eat out at proper resturaunts but if the meal is good and the service is good we would tip.
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Re: Tipping 'rules' in restaurants

Post by landmannnn »

If I have a coffee on a terrace with waiter service, I will nearly always leave a €.
Generally most other people do from what I can see.

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