Charging bull displaced

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Charging bull displaced

Post by Polarengineer »

Well not quite yet, but it is interesting that Arturo di Modica's charging bull no longer seems to represent wall Street and Kirsten Visbal's fearless girl now takes over. ( ... turnaround) as the picture of this article demonstrates. And a far better choice in my opinion.

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Re: Charging bull displaced

Post by After the Storm 2 »

So much controversy and interpretations since the statue was put in place! That is almost more interesting than the statue itself. Would a billboard with the message they were trying to give have been more effective by being clearer, in this case I’d probably say yes but backed up with actual action on their part, it might have helped the company that paid for the statue avoid this -On October 6, 2017, State Street, the company that funded Fearless Girl, paid $5 million to settle a lawsuit from its female and minority employees who alleged the company violated equal pay rights.

As for the statue, I like it. Do I think it was the right choice for the supposed message it was to convey, I’d probably say nope.

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