Pebbletec lined/screed pool and. Algae

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Re: Pebbletec lined/screed pool and. Algae

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Anthony wrote:
Tue Aug 11, 2020 2:45 pm
Haha, we both recite punch lines from monty python as well, interesting how you also show up about the same time, are you infact Teapot? You've been a windup merchant on so many forums over the years until the owners kicked you off. :lol:
I am Spartacus ;)
If you include the old FE this is only the forth forum of this ilk I've ever belonged. One I resigned from & one I was banned from when the owners wife was probably having problems so count again sunshine.
Heaven forbid anyone thinks I'm the chocolat one. I've far more respect for my profession than to use ex pat forums to con gullible & desperate 'punters' in a strange country out of their dosh.

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