A Flattery gets you nowhere

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A Flattery gets you nowhere

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Just trying to get my old Honda m'bike started but battery flat.
Hooked it up to My OptiMate 111 charger which showed 'battery badly discharged. Recovering'. A few hours later the leds showed 'battery discharged but charging normally' & has been in that state for at least 20 hours over 2 days
& shows only 9.5v when connected & 8.5v disconnected. The battery has not been charged for at least a year as I discovered it had become disconnected in the bikes winter storage bag.
The thing is; is it the battery or charger or both at fault? A multi meter indicates the Optimate charger is putting out zero volts when not connected to a battery whereas my tractor/car maintainance charger shows a normal 14 volts.
My thoughts were , it's the electronics in the Optimate charger which won't allow a charge unless there's a battery connected so off I popped to our local car spares/repairs place to order a new battery.
Whilst there I chatted with the owner about my charger thoughts & he showed me a similar charger they sold that was hooked up to a battery, in case I needed a new'un. I asked him to get a voltmeter & his charger also showed zero volts when not connected.
I've ordered a new battery for collection tomorrow afternoon & hope my charger will work on it but in the meantime I'm still wondering what's at fault & is my intuition correct.
Any thoughts from those electrically wiser than me?

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Re: A Flattery gets you nowhere

Post by Le Démerdeur »

You are correct.

Old school chargers give out the charging voltage even when disconnected, they are the only way to ressurrect an older type battery with zero or close to zero volts but modern batteries are toast once they have dropped beneath 10.5v, yours had enough to get the charger working but the battery was too far gone.

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Re: A Flattery gets you nowhere

Post by Nifty »

The first thing to do

Cross your fingers

You could try this, but, I think LD is probably correct.

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Re: A Flattery gets you nowhere

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There are dozens of redneck ways to desulphate dead lead acid batteries on Youtube. A popular one is to zap it to life by contact with the output from an arc welder. :o
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Re: A Flattery gets you nowhere

Post by Lemorvan »

Some of my favorite piano music is performed in A flat.

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