CH oil burner problem solved by luck.

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CH oil burner problem solved by luck.

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Our CH boiler began acting up recently. Checked the routine things and then removed the burner for a better look. The inside was a bit sooty so I cleaned everything and fitted a new nozzle. It then fired up straight away. Once it had run perfectly for half an hour it just needed a touch more air for the best combustion.

Pleased with the result I started to refit the burner's front cover when disaster struck... flameout. The cover had been a little difficult to position and in doing so I'd touched the cable connector. That is when it dawned on me; the cable was making a bad connection.

Took the multi pin block connector apart and saw that a number of sockets were somewhat loose. It is fifteen years old and the cable just sits on the floor. Delicately tightened all sockets up and then the plug was a snug fit. Secured the cable and tried again. This time it was fine.

:D But if it weren't for the sheer luck, completely by accident, in finding those loose connections there could have been endless problems with that boiler. Example of said multi pin block connector below.
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