My silly CESU error.

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My silly CESU error.

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I like to think that I'm reasonably careful about money but had I properly checked my bank statements I wouldn't be in this present mess. In mitigation, I do diligently check all the posted credits and debits but these were debits that hadn't been taken, so perhaps easier to overlook.

We have a woman who comes to help for about sixteen hours a month. Ever since she began, about three years ago, I registered her employment with CESU. She used to be paid by cheque each month but recently I switched to paying her by credit transfer. At that time I began printing a copy of the transfer document and also included a copy of my CESU declaration. That's where I made the stupid mistake.

:oops: Probably being so concerned about the printing I had omitted to forward some of the actual declarations to CESU. It was only when filling in my impôts this afternoon that I spotted that the pre-filled CESU tax reimbursement was significantly less than last year. On opening the CESU site I discovered, to my shame, that I had not filed a return for four different months last year and also not for January this year.

Happily CESU allowed me to fill in the missing months. They will now snaffle about €350 euros from my bank and I'll have to wait for a credit from the impôts to be refunded. But that's my fault.

:? Just seems curious that CESU will invariably send a reminder towards the end of each month about making a declaration but never ask where it is if it hasn't arrived.
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