S1 as a dependant

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Mrs Archy
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S1 as a dependant

Post by Mrs Archy »

I am a dependant on Archy's S1. I can't apply for my own S1 until I get my OAP next year (2021). Does anyone know whether after Brexit ends 31/12/20 I will still be entitled to an S1 in my own right as I am already a dependant? I guess if I'm denied an S1 I will stay a dependant on Archys but then if he snuffs it before me I would have to go back into the French health system........am I making sense?
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Re: S1 as a dependant

Post by SW31girl »

Yes, you are making sense. At the moment no one has a clue how future S1 claimants, and that includes us, will be able to access the S1 system in a few years time. I understand that at the moment it’s not included in any of the discussions. I suggest lobbying your U.K. MP to get some focus. Unless you have rental or investment income my understanding, which is not great, is that you would not be charged under PUMA.
My caveat is that France will need to claw back a lot of money so this could change going forwards! We are watching this carefully as we’ve got another three years to go before we hit 66.

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Re: S1 as a dependant

Post by mauve2 »

Anyone legally resident before 31/12/20 will be eligible to claim an S1 at a later date; the situation for people establishing residency after that date isn't yet clear.

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Re: S1 as a dependant

Post by Catrose »

Mauve2 says what I had read too. As long as you are legally resident before you end of this year the gov’t has promised continuation of s1 system and uprating of pensions.

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Re: S1 as a dependant

Post by exile »

When I applied for an SI piggy backed on my wife, I received an S1 of my own - as in a piece of paper, but it was dependent on the conditions of its issue remaining static. This was not the case for me since later I started to receive my German pension and this nullified the UK S1 from that date.

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