Your Exercise Routine ?

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Re: Your Exercise Routine ?

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I hate exercise, but whilst in confinement have been trying to do some. I can’t walk far. 2 km is about the best I can do, but I try to do it a couple of times a day, though some days it’s hard! My knees just won’t work! So I’ve gained weight and my diabetes is not good... before March I was swimming (Aquafit) and going to a gym class once a week. I had to! Exercising alone is soul- destroying. I have gained weight, so once more I have obésité. According to the doc I have gained 7kg since the beginning of the year. What to do? I can’t go back to the hospital. I have to lose weight and control the diabetes. I can’t take the tablets, they make me ill.

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Re: Your Exercise Routine ?

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Joe Wicks for seniors - since doing these exercises I've had pains in the leg below the knees and pain in the left knee if I turn the leg in a certain direction - maybe I should have thought about what I was doing as in my late teens early twenties I had a problem with the knee dislocating every now and then but time passes and you forget pain!

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