Installing a new pump

Ask questions about buying, installing and maintaining a swimming pool/pond in France.
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Re: Installing a new pump

Post by Polarengineer »

You clearly state that the threaded connection leaks with using teflon tape. Teflon tape is not allowed in industrial construction for chemical plants, they threw it out a long time ago. The only seal for parallel threads should be a fibre ring that the pipe would bottom out onto against a step in the diameter. Your pump and pipe are probably a plastic of some kind and in that case the pipe should bottom out on a rubber ring. However, French piping and fittings are a total disaster in the area of plumbing. A parallel thread needs filling with hessian fibre and plumbing paste or better still a liquid joint setting (which goes solid after a while, but can still be unscrewed). These are all available in your brico.
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Re: Installing a new pump

Post by SW31girl »

Thanks, the Loctite 55 worked a treat. The pump is now working well with no leaks. Lots of PH - needed again. We’re currently deep cleaning the pool with the robot - later this morning we’ll restart again. It’s amazing how much dust gets in the pool even with a cover. Pool readings are now ok. Final job will then be to restart the heat pump. I might get a chance to swim before the end of the month!

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Re: Installing a new pump

Post by michael86 »

Hi SW31girl,

I'm glad the Loctite 55 worked for you. I've used it for some time now, especially for parallel threads and have had good success. It's a lot quicker and less messy than hemp and paste as well.


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Re: Installing a new pump

Post by Napoleon »

After that success and good advice, I will order some online so I will be prepared for my next plumbing project.
Thanks for the advice Michael.

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Re: Installing a new pump

Post by Hal »

Where is Anthony? He should be due in about now gushing praise and adulation.. :D :D

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