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Bath or Shower?

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Re: Keeping clean

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Le Démerdeur wrote:
Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:10 am
Has anyone ever experienced a sabot bath?

From a byegone era but would be very sensible for the elderly or infirm, I have always been intrigued by one since my father described bathing in one in a Paris hôtel in the early 70's.
There was one installed here when we moved in and also a shower in another room. Generally we used the shower but one day I just really wanted a bath. The seat part was quite high relative to the overflow so most of the water was in front of the seat. Despite being small, slender and fairly supple, I simply could not get my head into the water to wash my hair. I hated it. OH who is far taller than I am would have fared far worse. It needed a contortionist as a bather. So we ripped it out and it became an incinerator for the acorns we cleared out of the horse paddock.

Perhaps more modern ones are better designed but that monstrosity certainly did not provide a relaxing experience.

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