Excavations for pool

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Re: Excavations for pool

Post by Mike » Sun Apr 28, 2019 1:58 pm

Andy72 wrote:
Sun Apr 28, 2019 9:41 am
Hi, Wifey wants one of those semi inground pools that need a hole digging of around 80cm depth. Has anyone installed one of these? Did you hire a mini digger or get someone in to do the job? The pool she wants is a 9x5 hexaganol design so my maths tells me that's about 40 m3 to dig out and spread around the field. How long would that take a person with a digger to do?
Can't get a 9 x 5 hexagon to work no matter how I manipulate the figures, now if you mean a 9M point to point x 4.5M side, at 0.8M deep that works out to be 42.088M3, it would take longer to set out than it would take for a digger to dig it, one way would be a post hole borer at the centre and one at each point, loosen the areas that need it with the borer and hand dig, I don't recommend doing this by hand, you would be crocked up for days afterwards, ask a local farmer if he has, or knows anyone with a digger, you will still have to set it out, use profiles set back from the dig so its difficult to drive over them, also make up a traveler to measure the depth from each profile.

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