Les perles de l'administration française

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Les perles de l'administration française

Post by FrenchForumSurvivor »

On the news tonight, mention was made of a new site, oups.gouv.fr, to let the State know which administrative communications are the most complicated and/or incomprehensible. It went live on 4 June, it's already had 200,000 connections.

Among the examples cited tonight: "N'hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous n'arrivez pas à nous joindre, merci"

Almost as useful as: "Si vous avez des problêmes avec votre connection internet, n'oubliez pas de chercher des possibles solutions sur notre site en ligne, orange.fr"
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Re: Les perles de l'administration française

Post by Stompie »

I had noticed the Orange one. If I remember correctly you could also report internet faults online... (I know could be done by using mobile internet but it amused me!) :lol:

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