How to improve French 'listening'?

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Re: How to improve French 'listening'?

Post by Stompie »

I have found it helpful to go to the local radio station's website and listen to the news, replaying it again and again until I completely understood, checking the written version to be sure I'd understood correctly.
I really should start again, since we decided we were selling I've let my practice slide and am losing what little French I had. :(

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Re: How to improve French 'listening'?

Post by Flaneur »

All of the above, especially anything repetitive (like game shows, the weather, reality tv).

I also use Journal en français facile, which is a 10-minute news broadcast with a transcript: ... ais-facile

And don't forget you can slow YouTube videos down - not that you should, of course! It's available via the cog beneath the screen ;)
Same old nonsense.

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Re: How to improve French 'listening'?

Post by Leclairon »

Thanks for that.
I had completely forgotten about the news channel until Stompie mentioned it. Someone had told me about it a long time ago and I had never used it. I looked at it and think it will be so useful to repeat and use the transcription to try and get the flow of words more recognisable to my ears.
I hate the game shows in English but they seem more tolerable in French and I have been able to follow Champion for a Champion. Anything in short sharp bursts is better because my brain is able to catch up.

I didn't know about the Youtube slowing down so can try that.

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