Supermarket Tomatoes

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Re: Supermarket Tomatoes

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Gammes Vert in Thiviers is apparently permitted to open in the mornings for the sale of seeds, plants etc.

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Re: Supermarket Tomatoes

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Thanks everyone! I'll give it a go and see what appears!
I've got plenty of other seeds - peppers, aubergines, courgettes, squashes, cherry tomatoes on the window sill and onions, garlic, radishes, lettuce, carrots, spinach and beetroot in the ground. Sweetcorn and potatoes in a few weeks.

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Re: Supermarket Tomatoes

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We have ordered some more peas online, and hope we will get them sometime in April. Everything else we have seeds of still..and our Jardival is still open. They don’t let people in but you can go (one at a time) to the entrance to ask for what you want. They had some veg plants last week.

But you can carry on putting things in veg garden for months yet.

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