Best places to retire in France

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Re: Best places to retire in France

Post by Mike » Sat Jun 15, 2019 11:47 pm

After the Storm wrote:
Sat Jun 15, 2019 5:30 pm
Mike wrote:
Sat Jun 15, 2019 4:59 pm
My OH just got the first payment of her long overdue State Pension, the UK Government moved the goal posts, after paying in for many years it was five years later than the long promised retirement age for woman, if they keep moving the goal posts, perhaps many won't actually get there.
Haven’t they started some kind of court case in the U.K. about this or was that just for public service workers? Seem to remember seeing something about it.

@albmf, I’m in agreement with you on your answer.
Nothing became of it, the only people who will retire on that case are the Lawyers.

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