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  • Forum Maintenance 31/03/2020
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  • Punishment increased if you repeatedly break the rules on confinement.
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  • Covid-19 : Attestation de Déplacement Dérogatoire - Form
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  • Lycees - election of reps for student 'parliament'
    by PatF »
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  • How do you get to Scotland from France ?
    by One Trick Pony »
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  • A piece of bread or a slice of bread ?
    by alittlebitmorefrench »
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  • Opportunities increasing for Australians
    by After the Storm »
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  • Revolting school kids
    by Zak »
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  • Language lessons in French
    by Chris »
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  • Baccalauréat
    by Franksgranny »
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  • Hey Teacher
    by george »
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